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Sometimes it’s very difficult to relax, to feel peace and tranquility. It seems that the modern world requires too much energy—Hard work, business trips, difficult tasks from superiors, etc. Also, you recently suffered a difficult situation in your personal life. All this has not made your nerves stronger. The result – constant stress, nervousness, and sleep disturbances. You have already visited a doctor but only have been prescribed antidepressants. The problem is that you do not like pills and are not going to take them.

How to cheer up naturally? Do not worry; nature has already given us everything we need. For example, there is a famous herb called cannabis. Scientists have long proven the beneficial medical effects of certain ingredients. Moreover, today many companies offer tasty, healthy, effective, and legal products for customers from the USA and other countries. This is not about weed (which is illegal), but about special CBD oils, sprays, gummies, etc. This review is dedicated to one well-known American company – thanks to it, you can find out what is NuLeaf Naturals and make conclusions about whether this company suits you. Be sure to consult your physician first before taking any of this.

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Real American Company

The history of the company NuLeaf begins in 2014 in the city of Denver (Colorado). This state is considered the capital of cannabis in the United States – hemp products are very popular here. This means that companies from Colorado use modern methods in the production of goods and advanced laboratory analysis techniques. Indeed, NuLeaf Naturals products meet the highest standards. For the cultivation of hemp, the best seeds that have passed American certification and grown in the United States are used. Besides, the company produces CBD oils, makes goods, and packs them. This is one of the main advantages that many buyers like.

For six years, the service managed to become popular and earn an excellent reputation with users. Each customer can order NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil or other products online or use the services of local stores. The main priorities of the company are high-quality products, natural taste, and care for each client.

The principle of the effects of CBD oils on the body

Drugs containing cannabinoids have recently become legal in the US and some western countries, but have already gained popularity. For example, according to Brightfield Group estimates, revenues from this industry in 2019 exceeded $1 billion. Today, cannabidiol is sold in the form of oil, balms, salves, capsules. They are added to creams, lubricants, bath salts, mascara, chocolate, given to dogs, and even poured in latte instead of caramel syrup. Most products have a positive effect on the body and mood, but most importantly, they improve health.

Researchers conducted research and identified the main components of hemp. So, THC components have a psychotropic effect – they can bring a feeling of euphoria and be addictive. Such drugs are illegal. But CBD ingredients do not give a euphoric effect but have a positive effect on the body. Scientists have done the research, and NuLeaf Naturals lab results have shown that customers experience improved moods, reduced nervousness, and stress.

A study has also been published in the journal Neurotherapeutics confirming that CBD has potential in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive, post-traumatic, and anxiety disorders. Cannabidiol showed good results in an experiment with public speaking speakers with diagnosed sociophobia. The SIV group was less worried. Another study showed that cannabidiol has antipsychotic properties and has the potential to treat schizophrenia. NuLeaf Naturals ingredients must not contain THC components and have only a CBD base. Therefore, the company’s products are legal and certified.

What is NuLeaf Naturals Production Best for?

In this review, you need to talk about how NuLeaf Naturals works. It is important to remember that product samples did not undergo medical research and did not receive FDA accreditation. What does it mean? This means that CBD oil NuLeaf Naturals and other products cannot be used to treat any disease. We recommend that you consult your healthcare provider before buying company products for treatment.

Nevertheless, cannabis-based drugs can help with some health problems. We have already written how CBD oils affect the human body and brain. Here you can see a list of diseases that (theoretically) can be defeated with hemp.

  • Alzheimer’s disease;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Multiple sclerosis;
  • Some forms of cancer of the throat, trachea, and mucosa;
  • Mild schizophrenia;
  • Type 2 diabetes;
  • Hepatitis C;
  • asthma;
  • Arthritis of the joints;
  • Problems with dry skin (sprays, balms, lotions);
  • Glaucoma.

Pros/Cons of NuLeaf Naturals

Today on the Internet you can find any information about any company. It is important to learn more about the company before buying its products. We have read many articles and NuLeaf Naturals reviews, so we can conclude. Below you will see a list of the benefits and disadvantages of the company.

Pros of NuLeaf Naturals

  • All company products are made in the USA;
  • Products are 100% natural, do not contain pesticides or chemical additives;
  • In NuLeaf Naturals testimonials, users notice a soft and strong effect;
  • Products do not contain THC components; therefore drug test will not show a positive result;
  • The composition of the goods includes omega-3 fatty acids, a complex of vitamins B and D, zinc and other useful components;
  • The company has its laboratory that conducts tests and guarantees the high quality of the product;
  • Each product has reliable packaging and instructions indicating the dosage and recommendations for use;
  • The possibility of free delivery in the United States;
  • There are discounts for customers using the promotional code.

Cons of NuLeaf Naturals

  • Some users noted the specific taste of the product;
  • Some NuLeaf Naturals CBD oils price are high;
  • A small assortment of products (there are no balms, sprays, lotions, bath bombs, etc.).

Best NuLeaf Naturals products

It is time to take a closer look at the company’s products, and this NuLeaf Naturals review will help you. So, the company offers only various CBD oils, which can be added to food or drinks, as well as pet products. No lotions, creams, balms, chewing gums, or nutrition bars are offered. Below is detailed information for each product category.

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NuLeaf Naturals High-Grade CBD Oil

The most popular product line. This product is available in bottles of five different volumes: 240 mg (100 drops), 725 mg (300 drops), 1450 mg (600 drops), 2425 mg (1000 drops), 4850 mg (2000 drops). Each buyer can choose CBD oil without taste or smell or with his favorite flavor. But do not worry – all components are 100% natural. Besides, NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil review has shown that this CBD oil does not contain THC components. This means that the products are not addictive and have no psychotropic effect. Moreover, you should not worry about the drag test – CBD oils do not show a positive result.

It is also necessary to talk about NuLeaf Naturals’ dosage and its effect. Each drop contains 2.4 mg of cannabidiol, so two drops are enough to achieve a mild effect. On the first day, the user did not feel any changes. On the second day, after two drops, the client will feel calm and relaxed (CBD oil does not cause anxiety, like products containing THC). The third day is important – the body gets used to the effects of CBD oil. Now the user feels peace and lack of nervousness. Besides, the drug helps to relieve pain in the joints and ligaments (if any).

NuLeaf Naturals prices vary by pots size. The price tag starts at $38.50 for a 240 mg bottle and ends with $1953.40 for a large bottle (4850 mg).

NuLeaf Naturals Full-Spectrum Pet CBD Oil

The second category of products that the company offers. The owner can please his pet with a pleasant treat and add the product to food or water. Do not worry about the animal – all components of the product are 100% natural. All that is needed is to calculate the correct dosage. If the dog weighs less than 25 pounds, two drops once or twice a day are enough. For dogs 25-50 pounds, you can increase the dose to 4-5 drops, and large pets need a large dose (6-8 drops).

It is also important to monitor the behavior of the dog and control the effects. We recommend that you consult your veterinarian if you are unsure of a solution. Most often, CBD pet oils are used to relieve the stress of the animal to reduce pain after surgery or injury.

On the Internet, we found testimonials from owners who write about dog reactions. According to reviews, their pets received a good appetite, healthy sleep, and a good mood. Dog oil is available in three volumes: 240, 725, and 1450 mg. This item of NuLeaf Naturals cost from 38.50 to $179.

NuLeaf Naturals Prices

Through this review, you learned is NuLeaf Naturals FDA approved or not, but what about product prices and available volumes. Below is a table with useful information. If you want to know more or make an online order, we recommend that you visit the official website of the company at

Name Price Buy
NuLeaf High-Grade CBD Oil 38.50$ Buy now
  99-434$ Buy now
  179-264$ Buy now
  239-1053.6$ Buy now
  439-1953.4$ Buy now
NuLeaf Full-Spectrum Pet CBD Oil 38.50$ Buy now
  99$ Buy now
  179$ Buy now

Shipping & Refunds at NuLeaf

To find out is NuLeaf Naturals scam or not, you need to find out if the company cares about its customers. The answer is yes. For example, the company provides free shipping to all US states. Dispatch is via U.S. Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail. The average period from the moment of placing an order on the website to the moment of receiving the parcel is 2-3 working days. Moreover, it is possible to order paid express delivery in 1-2 days.

If the user decided to refuse the parcel, he can return the unpacked goods within 30 days and get the money back. Besides, if the order was damaged in the mail or the wrong package arrived, the company will exchange it without any problems. The funds (upon refund) are paid to the credit card for a maximum of four weeks. But the standard term is 5 to 10 business days.


So, in this review, we found out is NuLeaf Naturals legit and also learned more about the strengths and weaknesses of the company. This is a well-known company with high-quality products. Items have a mild effect and taste good, and shipping in the USA is free. But the price is above average and in the company’s assortment only CBD oils for people and pets (balms, lotions and other products are not offered). Rating – 8.1/10.

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⭐️Is NuLeaf Naturals legitimate?

Yes, NuLeaf is a legal company that was officially registered in Denver, Colorado, in 2014. Since then, the company managed to become popular and earn an excellent rating as a high-quality producer of CBD oils of a wide range for people and pets.

⭐️If NuLeaf Naturals FDA approved?

No, the company’s products have not passed the FDA certification and cannot be a medicine. If you decide to treat the disease with NuLeaf Naturals products, we recommend that you consult your healthcare provider before doing this.

⭐️Will NuLeaf Naturals CBD show on a drug test?

It is worth saying that hemp contains two main components: CBD and THC. The second is a prohibited addictive psychotropic substance and prohibited by law. But NuLeaf Naturals products do not contain these components and are CBD-based. Therefore, the probability of getting a positive result on a drug test is extremely small.

⭐️How does Review Product make you feel?

Users have noted the soft and strong effect of NuLeaf Naturals products. A few days after using CBD oils, nerves calm down, mood stabilizes, stress disappears, and a good sleep appears. Similar effects were observed in pets whose owners used CBD NuLeaf Naturals oils.

⭐️Where to buy NuLeaf Naturals Product?

The best option is to buy online at There is a convenient store where you can purchase in a few clicks, and each product has an excellent description of dosage, recommendations, and effects. The order will be in your hands in just a few days, and delivery is free. However, NuLeaf Naturals has a network of outlets in many US states.

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