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Recently, you began to experience health problems. This was due to busy schedules, stress, and many other factors. A visit to the doctors helped to find out that you need medical attention. This was a few weeks ago, but the result still does not please you. Because all these pills and capsules do not produce a good effect, it seems that the time has come to choose better medicine.

It is wonderful that nature has already given us many opportunities to improve our health. You do not need expensive chemicals – nature and medicinal herbs are at your service. In this review, we will talk about KOI CBD products, and you will learn how to cope with your ailments.

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Important Information About KOI CBD

Starting a KOI CBD review is necessary with the history of the company. The cannabis-based drug marketing organization was registered in 2015. Today it is a large company with all official licenses and a wide range of products. So, you can purchase various sprays, balms, chewing gum, and ointments based on medicinal herbs. An additional advantage of the company is that KOI CBD ingredients are 99% natural and not chemically synthesized. Moreover, the activities of the company are legal, so you do not break the law by buying hemp products.

Principles Of The Impact Of KOI CBD On The Body

In the review, we already said that this medicine has a positive effect on the body and helps to heal some diseases. But how does KOI CBD works in terms of science? Scientists have done a lot of research and concluded that cannabidiol interacts with the GPR55 protein secreted in the brain and peripheral organs. Researchers believe that this determines its antispasmodic effect.

In the brain, CBD regulates the synaptic transmission process, during which signaling molecules are transferred from one neuron to another. The connections between these brain cells grow stronger when GPR55 is activated. Convulsions occur when neurons become too active in signaling, flashing more often than necessary. Cannabidiol blocks the GPR55 protein, thus preventing overload of the synaptic transmission system, according to Ben Wally, head of research at GW Pharmaceuticals.

A large number of studies have been conducted, and KOI CBD lab results have shown the beneficial effects of marijuana on the brain in epileptic seizures. Those animals in which GPR55 was present responded to cannabidiol treatment, and rats without protein continued to experience convulsions. Wally also believes that CBD can contribute to the desensitization of the TRPV1 protein, which is involved in the transport of ions and calcium in the body, which also helps relieve cramping. First, cannabidiol activates this protein, but then quickly decreases the sensitivity of the ion channel, effectively blocking the transport of calcium into cells.

This Medicine Is Best For

We continue to tell what is KOI CBD in this review. First, you need to understand what diseases cannabinoids cope with and what symptoms you can buy this medicine.

For example, KOI CBD oil copes with some serious diseases. There are:

  • Epilepsy and convulsive disorders.
  • Various inflammations with severe pain.
  • PTSD and anxiety disorder.
  • Crohn’s disease.
  • Multiple sclerosis.
  • Opiate withdrawal syndrome.

Pros/Cons Of KOI CBD

We read a large number of reviews and analyzed many KOI CBD testimonials. The information allowed us to make a list of the benefits and disadvantages of the company.


  • Laboratory studies have shown that drugs have a great effect on the well-being of the patient and cope with many diseases;
  • All ingredients and CBD oil KOI are natural and non-chemical;
  • The best leaves and plants, not weeds, are selected as an ingredient for the product;
  • 100% THC free;
  • The company KOI offers a 25% discount for all veterans and military personnel;
  • Ability to purchase goods online;
  • There are many samples of different volumes (250, 500, 750 ml);
  • Each product has detailed instructions for KOI CBD dosage, a description of the effects and recommendations for use;
  • The company’s website has a nice design and high-quality structure so that it will be easy for you to order the right product online;
  • The company KOI produces products with cannabinol for your animals.


  • Some KOI CBD prices are too high;
  • Inconvenient refund policy;
  • Standard delivery takes 4-8 business days;

Best Example Products

The time has come to analyze some of the company’s products carefully. Thanks to this KOI CBD Oil review, you will learn a lot about the dosage, effects, and other nuances of the product.

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KOI Naturals CBD Oil

The most popular product of the company. It is offered in bottles of various volumes (200, 250, 500, and 100 ml) and with several flavors (strawberries, mint, lemon-lime, orange, and others). The composition includes a broad spectrum of cannabinoids CBD. There is a mixture of terpenes and hemp. Oils KOI is intended for oral use, but it can also be added to your favorite food or drink. Also, the client has the opportunity to order a pot with a special dispenser – with the help of a spray; it becomes easier to identify the ideal portion. KOI CBD oil price starts at $127.97 per pack or $39.99 per bottle.

KOI CBD Gummies

Another popular and very convenient option. It is sold in a package with 20 plates. Each chewing gum contains 10 ml of a wide range of CBD oil. This chewing gum will help you improve your mood, have a beneficial effect on the body thanks to natural ingredients, and enjoy a pleasant taste. Gummies with fruit flavors (lime, pomegranate, lemon, tangerine, acai, etc.) are available. For ordinary packaging, you have to pay $9.99.

KOI CBD Tropical

Together with lotions and balms of this brand, you can go on an exciting “journey”. Each bottle contains a minimum of 200 ml (there are packs of 500, 750, and 1000 ml). Inside is a unique blend of CBD oils combined with organic coconut, aloe, and other extracts. Gel and lotion are great for relieving pain and skincare. However, we recommend that you consult your doctors if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Such a KOI CBD cost $19.99 for balm and $39.99 for lotion.

KOI CBD Vape Juices

Vaping today is very popular, and the company KOI offers a large number of juices for this. All options are available in four volumes: 100, 250, 500, and 1000 mg. Besides, the brand offers a large number of tastes for vaping. You can choose vanilla, watermelon, strawberries, tropical cocktails, lemon, or take a set of seven options. Also on the site, you can buy cartridges and other devices for vaping. The cost of one bottle of juice for vape is $29.99.

KOI For Pets

You can please your animals by buying them soft chewing gum. Don’t worry, all of the KOI oils here are non-psychoactive, so your pet will get only natural pleasure. One pack contains 25 treats, and the cost of packaging is $29.99.

Example Prices At KOI

On the Internet, we found a large number of testimonials where users ask – Is KOI CBD legit and are interested in product prices. We will answer this question – the company is legal and offers goods at an adequate cost. Below is a dosage chart with a list of products and prices. For more information, visit koicbd.com/cbd-products.

Name Price Buy
Natural oils KOI 39.99-169.99$ Buy now
Gummies and Softgeles KOI 9.99$ or 54.99$ Buy now
Lotions and Balms KOI 39.99$ or 19.99$ Buy now
Vape juices KOI 29.99-99.99$ Buy now
Treats for pets KOI 29.99$ & 59.99$ Buy now

Shipping & Refunds At KOI

It is time to answer the question – is KOI CBD scam or not. The company cares about the convenience of customers and the quality of delivery. Each client has the right to file a claim within 30 days from the receipt of the goods. E-mail is available to contact company employees. The reason for the discontent and the photograph must be indicated. Goods for return are accepted in the original packaging and unused. If you were not satisfied with the quality of the products, you could also receive a refund within 30 days from the date of purchase. All money will be returned to your credit card.

It is also worth talking about the company’s delivery service. On the Internet, there are many KOI CBD reviews, where they used to note the high quality and speed of delivery. All orders are processed within 1-2 days, and shipping within the United States takes 4-8 business days. Moreover, the client has the opportunity to order night delivery, and the cost of services is very pleasant.

Shipment Method Delivery Time Shipment cost
USPS Standard (price less than 35$) 4-8 days 6$
USPS Standard (price more than 35$) 4-8 days Free
USPS priority 2-4 days 10$


Well, it’s time to finish the review and draw conclusions. The company KOI is an excellent choice if you decide to purchase products with cannabis. The site offers a large selection, high guarantee, and convenient payment methods. But this service is expensive, and the goods can go to you for two whole weeks (taking into account holidays and weekends). However, this is still an excellent choice.

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⭐️Is KOI CBD Legitimate?

Yes, the company KOI has been officially operating since 2015. The company managed to get all the official documents and operate under US laws. Therefore, you can buy all products with marijuana legally without breaking the law, thanks to the site koicbd.com.

⭐️If KOI CBD FDA Approved?

The popular question “Is KOI CBD FDA approved”, ask a large number of users. FDA approved applications are not valid for company products. But this does not mean that the company operates illegally. The site has all the necessary licenses, guarantees customers safety and high-quality products.

⭐️Will KOI CBD Show On A Drug Test?

This is an important issue, because a large number of users sometimes pass the drug test, going to work. This applies to truck drivers, sailors, factory workers, and other professions. The likelihood that KOI products will show a positive result in a non-drug test is extremely small because CBD oils are quickly neutralized in the body. Besides, most tests should determine the presence of THC metabolites rather than on CBD (this cannabinol is considered harmless to humans).

⭐️How Does KOI CBD Product Make You Feel?

You can purchase KOI products and feel this magnificent effect. CBD oils, lotions, balms, and even chewing gum help to feel a relaxing effect, soothe nerves, relieve stress, headache, and nervous tension. Moreover, lotions and balms have a beneficial effect on the skin and its elasticity. So after taking these medicines, you will be calm, peaceful, looking young, and feeling healthy.

⭐️Where To Buy KOI CBD Product?

You can officially purchase the company’s products on the KOI website. Link for purchase (koicbd.com/cbd-products). There are many products where you are sure to find the best option (it can be oils, juices for vape, chewing gum, balms, lotions, and other products). Of course, you can purchase these products through an intermediary, but we recommend ordering them on the site. This will help eliminate the risk of buying substandard goods, as well as provide an opportunity to return a product that you did not like and receive a refund.

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