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Recently, you sleep poorly and feel constant nervousness. This negatively affects your performance and mood. Moreover, it is now difficult for you to communicate with friends, colleagues, and have a good time with your family. Your doctor said that it was depression and prescribed pills to cheer you up. But you do not want to use medicines, but prefer a natural way.

Nature has already given us the keys to all diseases. It remains to learn how to use them correctly. For example, hemp has recently been legalized in the country. This is not about weed, but about various products containing cannabis. This well-known medicinal herb has a large number of positive effects, which is proved by medical research. Products will help you solve problems with nerves, cheer you up and make this world brighter, especially if you have chosen a quality manufacturer that offers the greatest number of benefits. This review will tell you what is Bluebird Botanicals and why you should choose this company.

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Great Experience And Scientific Approach

With this Bluebird Botanicals review, you will learn more about the history of the company and its management. The founder of the firm is Brandon J Beatty, an American cannabis activist and entrepreneur. Its productive activities and those of other activists have contributed to the legalization of cannabis in the United States. After the adoption of the necessary law in 2012, he proceeded to action. Then in the city of Boulder (Colorado) was registered a company producing goods containing cannabinoids.

Today, the company has a large army of fans, and the CEO (Brandon J Beatty) is a member of the board of directors and co-founder of the hemp properties research fund. The company also closely monitors its products and offers the most advanced products: CBD oils, balms, salves, sprays, and others. This has helped the service become popular – there are many Bluebird Botanicals testimonials on the Internet that confirm this. Moreover, in 2018, the company received the main prize – No. 1 Hemp Company/Product from the Cannabis Business Awards.

How Medicinal Cannabis Can Help You

Marijuana belongs to powerful medicinal plants, with an almost endless list of healing properties. Scientists have already done a lot of medical research, studied all the cannabis ingredients and their effects. For example, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol has a strong effect on the brain and receptors. This allows you to feel the state of buzz and pleasure. THC is believed to help with Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, etc. The problem is that this component is addictive and is a psychotropic substance; therefore, it is prohibited in the country.

The next most popular type of cannabinoid is cannabidiol. According to THC, this substance has numerous healing benefits. CBD is not a psychoactive drug and is therefore legal in many states, including the United States. In connection with the medical value of CBD, mass studies of the properties of cannabis have begun. The production of hemp varietal seeds with high CBD content has also begun actively. The benefit of this parameter is to get rid of many ailments, from epilepsy to cancer, from depression to anxiety, from mental disorders to chronic pain.

If you are interested in whether it is possible to purchase and use the company’s products, we will answer this question. Bluebird Botanicals lab results showed that the company’s products do not contain THC components and are based on CBD. Therefore, the purchase and use of goods are legal, and the result of a drug test will not be positive.

What Is Bluebird Botanicals Production Best For?

First of all, you need to answer the question, is Bluebird Botanicals FDA approved or not. No, therefore, every buyer should know that the company’s products cannot be used as a medicine for the treatment of diseases. Of course, drugs can have a positive effect, but this is not a guarantee and cannot be considered as a claim in court. We recommend that you consult your healthcare provider before purchasing these medications for medical purposes.

It is also worth saying that independent medical studies have proven that CBD oils (which are also found in Bluebird Botanicals products) have a positive effect on the body. Cannabis has been proven to help treat a long list of diseases.

  • Alzheimer’s disease;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Multiple sclerosis;
  • Some forms of cancer of the throat, trachea, and mucosa;
  • Mild schizophrenia;
  • Type 2 diabetes;
  • Hepatitis C;
  • asthma;
  • Arthritis of the joints;
  • Problems with dry skin;
  • Glaucoma.

Pros/Cons Of Bluebird Botanicals

We analyzed a lot of reviews about the company, learned how Bluebird Botanicals works, and made a list of the company’s strengths and weaknesses. We recommend that you read the information contained in this section before purchasing products on the site.

Pros Of Bluebird Botanicals

  • Products are American products grown, made, and packaged in the United States;
  • A wide range of quality and legal products;
  • The company contributes to the development of the hemp industry, supports research and has its laboratory;
  • CBD oil Bluebird Botanicals has a soft and strong effect, and is also great for everyday use;
  • The company offers discounts to veterans, disabled people, and customers from unprotected layers of the population;
  • All hemp undergoes a thorough analysis, and the best seeds are selected for production;
  • Various options for the volume of pots, which allows you to choose the best option for each;
  • Free delivery in the country when ordering goods from $75;

Cons Of Bluebird Botanicals

  • Some Bluebird Botanicals prices are high;
  • Lack of gummies and some other popular categories that competitors have;
  • Delivery may take a long time.

Best Bluebird Botanicals Products

We continue the Bluebird Botanicals CBD Oil review – now is the time to find out more about the company’s products, their properties, prices, and dosage. We have analyzed all product samples and will tell you about the basic qualities of each of them.

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Hemp Extract Oil

Cannabis oil extract containing CBD components. Created from premium varieties and passed laboratory tests confirming a high degree of quality. The client is offered four options: Classic, Complete, Signature, and THC-free in banks of 84, 250, 500, 1000, and 2000 mg. The cost of goods starts at $12.95, and the maximum price tag reaches $159.95.

Concentrated CBD Oil

A very popular category in buyers. Natural concentrated CBD oils with a soft but strong effect. Users notice the effect within a few days after administration. Oils help calm nerves, cheer you up and feel a surge of vitality. Such a Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil price is $49.95-649.95, depending on the volume of the bottle (five options are available, as for the previous item).

CBD Capsules

Capsules of a wide spectrum of action. Contain glycerin, gelatin, CBD, and other components. Each capsule contains 15 mg of pure CBD, so already two tablets can have the desired effect for the next few hours (for safety, read more about Bluebird Botanicals dosage – instructions are enclosed with each bottle). Besides, convenient sizes will always keep it at hand. You can buy 30 capsules for $44.95 or 60 capsules for $84.95.

CBD Creams

A great choice for those who want to properly care for the skin, get rid of problems with dryness or pain. Bluebird Botanicals ingredients have a strong moisturizing effect, which is noted by many users. Also, the lotion is great for relieving stress, fatigue, or pain after hard work or training. However, the product can be used in the morning, if you want to get a boost of energy and vigor soon. You can try to start by purchasing a small tube of 100 mg for 9.95, take an average (700 mg for $39.96), or a large package (1250 mg for $59.96).

CBD Isolate

The purest CBD product. This is a squeeze of CBD crystals that can be used in any convenient way. For example, a client can add them to food, drinks, use as a seasoning, or even brush their teeth. The CBD content is 96-99.9%. The powder has no smell or taste – only a pure and natural effect. One gram of pure isolate from Bluebird Botanicals cost – $24.95. Packages of 5, 25, 100, 250, 500, and 1000 grams are also available, and the price can reach $5000.

Goods for Pets

If your pet has lost vital energy, is having trouble sleeping, or has got stress (for example, due to relocation), then you can purchase Bluebird Botanicals CBD oil for animals or choose capsules. CBD oil can be added to food or food – it has no smell or taste, so your pet will not refuse it. Moreover, THC oils, which have a psychotropic effect and are addictive, are not included. Be sure that your dog or cat will enjoy it, not health problems. The cost of CBD oil is $12.95-139.95, and the capsules cost $44.95-84-95.

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Bluebird Botanicals Prices

There are many Bluebird Botanicals reviews on the Internet where users ask about the cost of the goods. Thanks to this article, you will learn about the dosage and price of each product of the company.

Name Price Buy
Hemp Extract Oil 12.95-159.95$ Buy now
Concentrated CBD Oil 49.95-649.95$ Buy now
CBD Capsules 44.95-84.95$ Buy now
CBD Creams 9.95-59.96$ Buy now
Isolate 24.95-5000$ Buy now
Oils for Pets 12.95-139.95$ Buy now
Capsules for Pets 44.95-84.95$ Buy now

Shipping & Refunds

To understand is Bluebird Botanicals scam or not, you need to analyze the return policy and delivery quality. If the client decided to exchange the goods, he has the right to issue a refund within 30 days. But the company accepts claims only if the purchase amount is less than $110. Besides, the packaging must be intact. If you do not like the taste of the goods, no complaints will be accepted. Crediting funds to the card occurs within 1-2 days.

The service accepts and processes the order within 1-2 business days. After that, the package is sent from the warehouse to the customer. The average delivery time is 5-7 business days (holidays and weekends are not taken into account). The company is also not responsible for the loss of parcels and delays associated with force majeure. Delivery is available to all US states and some countries where cannabis products are legalized. Also, you can get free shipping if you ordered a product worth more than $75.


Through this review, you learned is Bluebird Botanicals legit and a lot of other useful information. Now we give testimonials to potential customers. The company offers a quality American product, but the range of flavors is extremely limited. Besides, the cost of some products is too high. The company also does not offer some popular categories – juices for vape, edibles, chewing gum, etc. Therefore, the rating is 8/10.

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⭐️Is Bluebird Botanicals Legitimate?

Yes, the company was officially registered in Colorado in 2012. Moreover, the company and its management are actively involved in medical and scientific research on the beneficial properties of hemp.

⭐️Is Bluebird Botanicals FDA Approved?

No, the products have not passed the FDA certification. This means that Bluebird Botanicals products are not a drug. They cannot be used to treat diseases, but are products for personal use and pleasure. Be sure to consult your healthcare provider.

⭐️Will Bluebird Botanicals CBD Show On A Drug Test?

The task of a standard drug test is to determine the presence of THC components in the blood. This ingredient is an addictive psychotropic substance. Bluebird Botanicals products are based on CBD oils that are legal. Therefore, the drug test will show a negative result.

⭐️How Does Bluebird Botanicals Product Make You Feel?

Bluebird Botanicals products have a soft and strong effect. In a few days, the client will feel calm, in a good mood and will be able to get rid of stress, nervousness, and other problems. Besides, lotions and creams have a positive effect on the skin.

⭐️Where To Buy Bluebird Botanicals Product?

The official website of the company is Here is a list of company products with a description of the dosage and prices. Buying online takes a few minutes, but the company also has a network of retail stores in many states of the country.

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