Best CBD Oil for Weight Loss

For a lot of people, extra body weight is a constant problem that they are trying to solve. Nowadays, there are lots of various ways and methods that allegedly help people with weight loss. Starting from the traditional such as healthy eating patterns and exercise, to various diets, to more radical methods such as operation, etc. — here are plenty of paths one can take if they want to shed some of the extra pounds.

Another trend that is becoming more and more popular among those watching their weight is various food supplements that work as appetite suppressants. They are available on the market in all kinds of shapes and forms, both synthetic and natural. Both types have benefits and disadvantages since they often have different effects on the body. However, it can be agreed that natural supplements are preferable for those who care about their wellbeing as they are inherently healthier for your body.

One of the most recent big things that are heavily sought after by those trying to lose weight is CBD oil for weight loss. A number of CBD oil for weight loss reviews rave about the impeccable results cannabis oil helped them to achieve, and all the positive side-effects they have experienced due to consuming it. But is it really that helpful? Does cannabidiol oil genuinely work for those willing to lose weight? This article is going to explore this question in-depth and provide you with a list of the best rated CBD oil for weight loss.

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However, before this article goes any further into discussing the ways in which CBD oil can help you in your battle against extra fat, it is important to first establish what cannabidiol is.

To begin with, CBD is a chemical compound extracted from a Cannabis Sativa plant. It has the same molecular formula as its cousin, THC, but the atoms are arranged differently in cannabidiol, which results in the different effects of the two substances on the human body. While THC is the psychoactive compound, which is exactly the part of weed that is responsible for your intoxication, CBD is not a psychoactive substance, hence it does not make you high.

Legally, there are two types of cannabis oil, hemp-based and marijuana-based. The difference between the two lies in their chemical composition. Hemp-derived oil has less than 0.3% THC in it, while everything with higher levels of THC is considered to be marijuana and subsequently marijuana-based products.

Apart from their legal status, full-spectrum cannabis oil and cannabis oil with THC differ in the effect. That way, full-spectrum CBD oil for weight loss is significantly more effective, when the THC one does not seem to help with losing weight.

How Does CBD Oil Help with Weight Loss?

Now that it has been established what type of CBD oil to use for weight loss, it is important to outline the ways in which it allegedly helps you to combat those extra pounds.

To begin with, hemp is no magical plant that instantly removes all your kilos and makes you skinny in no time. Instead, consuming cannabidiol oil for weight loss affects your body in a way that it starts some processes that help you get into better shape. What needs to be put out there is that CBD is not known to directly facilitate weight loss.

That being said, however, there is plenty of evidence to support the thesis that CBD helps you to control your hunger and generally consume less food. Back in 2012, there was a study conducted to prove that cannabinol and cannabidiol intake changes the feeding patterns in rats. After continuously being fed cannabidiol oil, rats started eating less. The results of this study were later translated onto the human body to show similar effects.

This is a big benefit of CBD oil for weight loss since often the prime cause of gaining weight is as simple as the imbalance between the calories in and the calories out. Those people who consume more calories than they can use up tend to accumulate fat in their bodies. If done occasionally, it is pretty easy to fix, yet if a person is continuously indulging in hyper-caloric foods that lead to an unhealthy diet, the results might be almost irreversible.

Improved Metabolism and Potential Reduction of Food Intake

The first way in which cannabidiol oil may help you to lose weight is by improving your metabolism. Metabolism and weight loss go hand in hand as it is slow metabolism in particular that often hinders people’s ability to get rid of the extra weight.

If your metabolism is slow, it means that your body takes longer to burn the calories you ingest. That way, every time you consume food, you add up more calories even though the previous batch has yet not had a chance to get burned. As it has been mentioned before, it is the accumulation of calories and the surplus of the latter in your body that make you gain weight fast.

However, it is not only the actual accumulation of calories in your body that affects your weight. Slow metabolism contributes to high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and chronic fatigue. All of those are detrimental for your health on their own, but they also have an indirect impact on your ability to lead a healthy lifestyle. Being constantly tired and out of breath, you will not really have the option of exercising regularly.

The ways in which consumption of cannabidiol can boost your metabolism are varied, but the most important factor that affects the situation is the fact that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system responsible for breaking down the cannabinoids. It binds with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in lymphoid tissue and the brain. Those are the ones that are responsible for metabolism, hunger and food intake overall as they are located at various parts of the human body, including the brain and digestive tract.

If your CB1 receptors are over-activated, your metabolism slows down. CBD, unlike CBN and THC that are often to blame for excessive activation of CB1 receptors, prevent that. The reason for this is that CBD and CB1 are antagonists, which means it can keep the aforementioned receptors from activating when consumed. Subsequently, it boosts metabolism.

This, however, is not the only way in which CBD helps to rev up metabolism. The other important functions that cannabidiol does in the human body include:

  • Increasing the activity of the mitochondria in cells that helps the body to burn calories faster
  • Making the availability of proteins needed to create fat cells smaller
  • Helping the body to brown the fat through proteins and genes to break down and oxidize fat cells in a more efficient way

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Potentially Induces ‘Browning’ of Fat Cells

Speaking of the last point, ‘browning’ of fat cells is yet another important thing that helps your body to lower your body weight.

To begin with, there are two types of fat that can be found in a human body — white fat cells and brown fat cells. The first one is predominant and is responsible for storing energy and acting as a cushion for your inner organs. Playing such an important role in the adequate functioning of a body, white fat cells can be harmful if present in excess. When a body has too much white fat, it is prone to chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

Brown fat, on the other hand, is responsible for generating heat by burning calories. Allegedly, cannabis helps to induce fat browning by turning white fat cells into brown fat cells. In turn, this helps to expend calories faster and therefore links back to sped-up metabolism.

While more scientific research is still needed to prove that CBD affects the fat cells browning directly, there is evidence to support the claim that it has an intense indirect effect on it. The reason for this is that some of the known ways of boosting fat cells browning include exercising and getting enough sleep.

This is exactly where CBD oil comes in handy. One of the reasons why a lot of people turn to cannabis, besides the weight loss properties of hemp oil, is that they want to be more relaxed, decrease their stress levels and adjust their sleeping patterns. Indeed, consuming CBD oil helps people to normalize their sleep and overall have more energy to get things done. And being active is always a key to losing weight.

How to Use Best CBD for Weight Loss

There are several ways in which you can use hemp oil to aid your weight loss. There are plenty of CBD oil weight loss reviews, each and every single one of them suggesting an alternative method to incorporate CBD oil into your life.

The first way in which you could benefit from the properties of hemp oil is by ingesting it orally. It is one of the easiest ways of introducing CBD oil into your routine as it is hustle-free and straightforward. You simply put some amount of cannabidiol oil sublingually or under your tongue, hold it there for a bit so that it would get partially absorbed and then swallow it. While raw CBD oil may have a very specific taste that is not for everyone, CBD oil producers have identified this market opportunity and are now offering various flavored CBD oil tinctures. Besides, you can also use it in the form of spray or balm, if you are looking for an alternative texture.

The next popular way of ingesting CBD oil is vaping. If you feel more comfortable using a vape pen that you can turn to whenever this is the option for you. Besides, vaping your hemp oil if the fastest way to deliver the substance into your body with the most accurate way to control the dosage.

At last but not at least, you can incorporate CBD oil into your diet. You can infuse your favorite healthy dishes with CBD oil. This method requires the most effort out of the three, yet considering you cook for yourself on a daily basis anyway, it is easy to develop a habit of putting CBD oil into your meals. For instance, you can use a little CBD oil for weight loss in your salad dressing.

However, it is important that when trying to lose weight by using top-rated CBD oil for weight loss, you do it in a complex with other things. In order for it to work, you need to adapt your entire lifestyle so that all of it would be helping you to achieve your goal.

Most positive hemp oil weight loss testimonials talk about the oil helping people to lose weight best when combined with healthy eating, regular exercise, etc.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Weight Loss?

One of the primary concerns that a lot of people have is the fact that cannabidiol is essentially derived from a cannabis plant, so they associate it with weed.

However, it is a proven fact that CBD does not share the negative side-effects with marijuana as it does not have any impact on cognitive abilities. Hence, you should not be worried about the potential deterioration of memory and other symptoms of chronic weed usage.

Another question a lot of people looking into the best strains for weight loss ask is whether it could increase their appetite. The research results on this subject are mixed. While some people do experience a slight increase in appetite, others claim that CBD suppresses it.

Therefore, it means that you need to consult a doctor before you order CBD oil for weight loss. Besides, you need to be aware that cannabidiol has different effects on different people depending on the dosage consumed. While some may experience significant changes even from a small amount of CBD oil, others might require higher concentrations of it.

Which CBD Oil Is Best for Weight Loss?

Sabaidee CBD

Sabaidee CBD Oil

Short Brand Review

Sabaidee is a big name in the hemp oil industry. A lot of people trust the brand, and there is a good reason for that. Having been in the industry for a while, Sabaidee has perfected its formula and worked hard on manufacturing a product that not only meets the standards but also meets customer expectations.

Unlike a lot of lower-grade hemp oil companies, Sabaidee is committed to only using locally-sourced hemp so that they could vouch for the quality and freshness of the raw materials they are using. In addition to that, they extract CBD from hemp using the CO2 extraction method than enables them to preserve the most useful properties of cannabinol.

In addition to that, for manufacturing its oil Sabaidee also uses coconut oil, which is known for aiding weight loss. This makes Sabaidee one of the most effective cannabidiol oil to use for losing weight. Besides, it comes in a peppermint version, too!

Pros and Cons of Sabaidee CBD

Pros of Sabaidee CBD:
  • Unflavored and peppermint version
  • Lab-tested
  • Comes in a range of potencies
  • CO2 extraction
  • Coconut oil in the content of the oil
Cons of Sabaidee CBD:
  • May not be suitable for people allergic to coconut


From $48.95 to $199.95 per bottle depending on the potency.


It helps you reduce your appetite and makes you less stressed, which prevents stress-eating.


Koi CBD Oil 

Short Brand Review

Koi is the brand that believes in absolute transparency when it comes to the quality of their products and the ingredients they use for manufacturing those. For this very reason, Koi sends their products for independent third-party testing to ensure that it is good and meets all the standards. The results of the lab testing are available to the general public.

In addition to that, Koi is known to have one of the best tasting hemp oil on the market, which makes it particularly easy to consume.

Furthermore, Koi is a brand with high social responsibility, so it offers a lifetime 25% discount for U.S. military veterans.

Pros and Cons of Koi CBD

Pros of Koi CBD:
  • Good taste
  • Full-spectrum cannabis oil
  • CO2 extraction
  • Lab-tested
  • 100% THC-free
Cons of Koi CBD:
  • Rather confusing to dose


Prices range from $39.99 to $249.99 depending on size and potency.


It helps to combat hunger as it acts as an appetite suppresser. Boosts metabolism.


populum cbd oil

Short Brand Review

Populum is a somewhat lesser-known brand of CBD oil, but it is receiving more and more recognition. The reason for this is that Populum produces hemp oil of the highest quality, which it can vouch for.

The brand offers a 30-day risk-free trial for one product per customer to test out the products before committing to them. This way, it enables customers to see for themselves that Populum is highly effective when it comes to losing weight with the aid of CBD oil.

It comes in a range of different potencies, so you can start slow and gradually increase the dosage if you feel like you need that. If you do not, however, Populum has some mild cannabidiol oil.

Pros and Cons of Populum

Pros of Populum:
  • Lab-tested
  • THC-free
  • 30-day risk-free trial for one product per customer
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil made with complementary natural components
  • Monthly subscriptions available with a 20% discount
Cons of Populum:
  • Fewer concertation options than some of the competitors offer


  • $59 — 250mg
  • $99 — 500mg
  • $179 — 1,000mg


It has an impressive effect on metabolism since it speeds it up in no time. Aids full-body relaxation and reduces stress levels.


CBDPure Hemp Oil

Short Brand Review

CBDPure is one of the big names in the industry. It is great for the novices who are not familiar with CBD oil that well since its range of products is fairly small and does not get confusing when it comes to choosing the CBD oil that would be right for you.

At the same time, the concentrations CBDPure offers is plenty for those willing to lose weight. You can choose one of the bottles with different concentrations, and still be sure of the high quality of the product you receive. The reason for this is that CBDPure does not use any additives in the manufacturing of its oil, and keeps a close eye on the quality of the hemp they use.

Pros and Cons of CBDPure

Pros of CBDPure:
  • Full-spectrum hemp oil
  • Good taste
  • Lab-tested
  • Natural ingredients
Cons of CBDPure:
  • Only comes in 3 variants


  • 300 mg — $29.99
  • 600 mg — $54.99
  • 1000 mg — $79.99


CBDPure cannabidiol oil helps with normalizing of the sleeping patterns, reduces stress levels, and helps with anxiety. On top of that, it also suppresses appetite and therefore aids weight loss.


Fab CBD Oil

Short Brand Review

Fab CBD is placing high among the top 10 CBD oil for weight loss and is extremely popular among people trying to lose weight. The reason for this is that Fab CBD offers a lot of fun flavors, which makes their CBD oil perfect for incorporating into the diet. You can easily use Fab CBD oil for dishes and enjoy the citrus, mint, vanilla or berry flavor.

If you are not a fan of those flavors, however, Fab CBD also offers options that are either unflavored at all or have the natural hemp oil flavor.

In fact, it is recommended you try out the hemp flavored oil since it tastes amazing. Because of the CO2 method of CBD extraction Fab CBD uses, the oil they sell is pure and pleasant, and not harsh in taste.

Overall, the quality of Fab CBD products is very high, and it is confirmed by the lab testing results.

Pros and Cons of Fab CBD

Pros of Fab CBD:
  • A lot of fun flavors available
  • Different potencies
  • THC-free
  • Lab-tested
Cons of Fab CBD:
  • A little on the pricier side


Prices for Fab CBD oil range from $39 to $129 per bottle depending on the strength of hemp oil.


Fab CBD oil takes a bit longer to kick in, so you would have to wait a bit before you can get the effect. Nonetheless, it is very effective in aiding weight loss and boosting metabolism.

Where to Buy CBD Oil for Weight Loss?

Now that the CBD market is growing getting more and more recognition, it is not that difficult to find the best brands of CBD oil for weight loss at your local store that specializes in food supplements, smoking accessories, or CBD in particular. If your state does not have special regulations in regard to CBD oil, you should not have any trouble trying to purchase the products.

However, this article still recommends that you search for CBD oil online. Not only it is safer than buying it at local stores, but it is also to be significantly cheaper. In addition to that, the chance of finding smaller brands online is significantly higher than when shopping in real life. Be sure to consult your doctor any time you decide to take such products.

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