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The first thing that needs to be established in this article for everyone who is interested in trying out CBD oil in Massachusetts or is passing through this state and would like to restock on their cannabis oil-based products is the legal status of cannabidiol oil. Nationwide, federal law regulates the use and circulation of products that contain cannabidiol and has legalized the use of it unless otherwise is stated by the particular state legislation.

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Is CBD Oil Legal in Massachusetts?

In order to begin answering this question, it is important to state that there are two ways in which cannabis oil can be extracted based on the plant that is being used. The two distinct cannabis oils are the marijuana CBD oil and the hemp CBD oil. The first one contains over 0.3% THC, the psychoactive compound that makes people intoxicated and subsequently contributes to the ‘pot high’ and is made from the weed plant. The second one, on the other hand, is made from hemp or industrial hemp, a variety of the cannabis Sativa plant that does not have THC (or has less than 0.3% THC in it), but is full of cannabidiol cannabinoids instead.

But what is the legal status of the two aforementioned Massachusetts CBD oil?

The legal status of Marijuana CBD Products Massachusetts

Since 2008 weed has been decriminalized with there being minimal penalties for recreational use and possession of the herb. This was received well by the general public, so four years later, in 2012, a bill to legalize medical marijuana was passed. This allowed patients to be prescribed medical marijuana treatment by licensed doctors and therefore be able to receive and possess the equivalent of a 60 days’ worth of medical marijuana supply.

However, it is not the end of perks that pot smokers from Massachusetts have received. In 2016 voters amassed enough votes to pass the bill that would legalize recreational use of marijuana for anyone over the age of 21. Naturally, there are some rules in regards to the places where you may use the herb recreationally, but overall it is perfectly legal for anyone of age to purchase, possess, and use marijuana recreationally.

This, subsequently, has an effect on the marijuana CBD oil regulations, too. Considering weed is legal in Massachusetts, marijuana-extracted cannabis oil is legal, too, and can be bought anywhere statewide. Just remember that the same rules apply to it, and you need to be a legal adult to purchase the aforementioned products.

The legal status of Hemp CBD Products in Massachusetts

With the state of Massachusetts being so relaxed on the marijuana laws, it is only natural that hemp-derived cannabis oil-based products are perfectly legal in the state. Massachusetts CBD companies are free to sell it to anyone interested in the product.

Furthermore, unlike in a number of other states across America, let alone in the South, the government has also legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp, which encourages CBD oil manufacturers Massachusetts to produce locally.

This implies that Massachusetts, as a state, is a great place to stock up on cannabidiol oil. The only question left is where one looks for the best shops to do that.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Massachusetts?

Taking into consideration the fact that cannabis is legal for purchase, possession, and consumption in Massachusetts for anyone of the legal age, it is safe to state that the industry is flourishing in Massachusetts. Indeed, the cannabis oil market is saturated, with there being a number of CBD companies in Massachusetts. In this state, regardless of whether you are from a large city such as Georgetown, Greater Boston area or Franklin, or a smaller town, you will easily get your hands on a whole variety of different CBD oil-based products. Unlike in other states where the use of cannabidiol oil is much more controlled and restricted by law, in Massachusetts, you are faced with a great choice of different products. Starting from CBD infused gummies and balm, and CBD capsules, and ending with more advanced salve and spray, you can find pretty much any Massachusetts CBD Oil products at stores locally and online.

There are several advantages of shopping for CBD oil from Massachusetts online. The most prominent one is that you are open to a wider selection of products, can compare and contrast all the different brands that produce the same type of product and subsequently but the one that meets your needs best. Moreover, the prices for the same products are often lower than they are in physical stores. And you can get your order delivered to your house no matter where in the state you live.

Nonetheless, if you are just passing Massachusetts and would like to buy CBD oil Massachusetts, you would rather have an in-store experience at one of the numerous shops that sell hemp oil. Furthermore, even if you are a resident of the state but would like to join the community and get some help from the qualified and knowledgeable staff, you could benefit from paying a visit to an actual store, too!

The only catch with stores is the fact there are so many of them. If you want to shop locally and do not feel like driving too far away from home just to pick up some new hemp oil, it is fine. However, if you do fancy going to the highest-rated shops, here are the best CBD oil manufacturers in Massachusetts carefully compiled into a list for your convenience.

Best CBD oil shops in Greater Boston Area

Greater Boston Area is an extremely large area geographically, so it has a couple of good stores that are worth your attention if you are looking for some places to stock up on hemp oil-based products.

  • One of the best dispensaries in Greater Boston Ares is New England Treatment Access, located at 60 Washington St, Brookline, MA 02445. It is a very well-known and respected within the local community dispensary located at the very heart of Brookline. The best features that this institution can boast include low prices, a great selection of products on offer, and extremely knowledgeable staff that is ready to help you out and assist you.
  • Another place where you could purchase some CBD oil is Alternative Therapies Group at 50 Grove St, Salem, MA 01970. This is a particularly popular spot as it sells the rarest premium CBD strains and provides its customers with a number of other exclusive high-quality products. In addition to that, it is open from Monday to Saturday and does not require you to have arranged an appointment in advance.

Best CBD oil shops in Georgetown

  • If you happen to be looking for cannabis oil in Georgetown, we recommend you go to Healthy Pharms at 401 E Main St, Georgetown, MA 01833. This is a non-profit dispensary that is famous for its high-quality CBD strains and various cannabidiol oil-based products. Reviews mark the professionalism of the staff working there, so if you require some guidance in regard to the product that would work best for you, Healthy Pharms is your best choice!

Best CBD oil shops in Franklin

  • Unlike the rest of the locations mentioned on this list, Franklin Smoke Shop located at the address 24 E Central St, Franklin, MA 02038, is not just a dispensary. Instead, it is a wide-profile shop that specializes in selling a wide range of products starting from different brands CBD oil, to CBD edibles, to rare samples of CBD gummies, etc. It is amazing for those on a budget since it offers low-price yet still high-quality products to people. In addition to that, at this Franklin store, you can also purchase vaporizers, vapes, bongs, and other devices for smoking.

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Conclusion on Buying CBD Oil from Massachusetts

If you happen to be residing in Massachusetts or are simply passing this state by, and are looking into purchasing some full-spectrum cannabis oil or oil-based products, you are a lucky one! The state laws are in your favor, which means you can access a lot of different types of products, both marijuana and hemp-derived. Be sure to consult your doctor any time you decide to take such products.

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