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Today, when the herb is becoming more and more popular, the variety of different forms of cannabidiol that can be purchased may be somewhat overwhelming, especially if you are a newbie. Cannabis-based items come in all shapes and forms, and it is not always crystal clear what their purpose is. This is why the first question a lot of people that are interested in getting into the world of CBD products are often asking is what hemp cigarettes are in the first place.

Although the first association that comes to mind is that of tobacco products, CBD hemp cigarettes rarely contain any tobacco, to begin with. Instead, they are made of pure cannabis, often without any additional components. Surely, different brands of hemp cigs may be offering alternatives with added CBD tobacco or even nicotine, but it is less common to find. So, why are they called cigarettes?

The answer to the question lies in the shape of the product itself. It is manufactured in a way that resembles the classic cigarette. However, nowadays another form of this product is gaining popularity, pre-rolls, which are essentially the same consumables made with strains of CBD hemp flower. Their appearance is closer to that of weed joints, which is why they are often called CBD joints.

There is not any effectual difference between the two, so it all boils down to the choice of the CBD smoker themselves. Cannabidiol joints are smaller and more compact, so they are easier to carry around, while CBD cigarettes are attracting less unwanted attention because they are less stigmatized due to being shaped as tobacco cigs, more acceptable in the society.

At the same time, however, you need to understand that regardless of which ones you choose, either CBD joints or hemp cigarettes CBD, you will still get the distinct cannabis smell from them. Therefore, if you want to be smoking in public, you need to consider the legal status of that in your particular state.

Speaking of law, the next thing that needs to be established before this article proceeds with its CBD cigarettes review is the difference between the CBD cigs currently available on the market.

The two types of CBD smokes that you can get in the USA are marijuana-based and hemp-based cannabis oil cigarettes. While the two share quite a bit of similarity, they are inherently different. The factor that engenders this differentiation is the chemical composition of the two substances.

Despite being derived from the same plant, Cannabis Sativa, depending on the THC levels in the buds, the law distinguishes industrial hemp and marijuana. Hemp is high in cannabidiol, but only contains 0.3% or less THC. At the same time, everything with a higher content of THC is classified as a weed and falls under drug regulation laws.

Therefore, if you buy a CBD cigarettes pack, you are not to expect any intoxication that comes from regular weed joints. As hemp lacks in THC, the psychoactive component, it will not get you high. The reason why people will be looking into purchasing full-spectrum cannabis cigarettes is different.

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What Are the Benefits of CBD Oil Cigarettes?

As discussed previously, hemp cigarette smokers are choosing the product for reasons different from getting euphoria or other effects associated with marijuana high. Instead, they opt for CBD cigs to get the effects that CBD oil in all the other forms such as tinctures, salve, and edibles is known for.

This means that you might as well go for other ways of consuming CBD cannabinoids — vaping, eating or applying it on your skin. You will still get all the positive therapeutic effects of the substance such as pain relief, reduced level of stress and anxiety, and improved sleeping patterns.

The reason why CBD cigarettes are so popular is that they act as a remedy for those trying to quit smoking tobacco. While hemp cigarettes rarely contain any nicotine or tobacco in the mix, they work well for those who have signs of an oral fixation or simply enjoy the ritual of lighting up a cigarette but do not want to go through the harmful side-effects of consuming nicotine and tobacco, so CBD cigs provide a somewhat healthier alternative for smokers.

As of now, there is not any ground research to reflect on the long-term side-effects of smoking CBD cigarettes. However, in comparison to those that smoking tobacco has, cannabidiol is pretty mild. It shares most of its side-effects with THC-high products, minus the cognitive malfunctions resulting from intoxication. The one concern that smoking natural hemp cigarettes has is possible respiratory system problems.

What Is Important In a Hemp Cigarette?

If you are looking to buy CBD cigarettes, you might want to look into the following characteristics of the given product:

  • Natural cigarettes (beware of products that contain added synthetic or artificial components that can be potentially harmful)
  • Filtered (it is best to buy CBD cigarettes that have plant-based biodegradable filters)
  • Lab-tested (unfortunately, with the cannabis industry still being loosely regulated, a lot of manufacturers do not follow the safe formula and experiment with the contents of the product)
  • Made from domestically grown hemp
  • Tobacco- and nicotine-free (unless the opposite is your personal preference)

Besides, it is also recommended that you pay close attention to the strength of the cigarettes that you purchase. They come in different concentrations starting from light to mild to strong depending on the amount of active ingredient they contain. For those new to smoking hemp cannabis, it is advised that you start with a lower dosage and increase it gradually if you feel like you need more. Be sure to consult your doctor any time you decide to take such products.

What Are the Best CBD Cigarettes in the USA?

Cherry Cough

Short Review

One of the most potent strains you can get when looking for natural hemp cigarettes. It is perfect for those who prefer sweet flavors. As can be deducted from the name of this CBD flower, it tastes sweet and has the sweet cherry flavor, and has all the same terpenes as THC-rich Cherry Cough. At the same time, however, it has been bred to be low in THC and cater to those who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis cigarettes.

Each joint contains roughly 100mg of CBD, so it is best suitable for those who are familiar with CBD cigarettes and are looking for joints that have a rather hefty dosage of cannabidiol.

Pros and Cons of Cherry Cough

Pros of Cherry Cough:
  • Sweet cherry taste
  • Comes in 2-count and 7-count options, so you can try it out and see whether it is suitable for you
  • Lab-tested
  • Broad-spectrum
  • Great packaging: each CBD cigarette is individually preserved and sealed in a glass tube
Cons of Cherry Cough:
  • Strong cigarettes that are not suitable for novices


You can purchase Cherry Cough 2-count pack for $16.00.


Cherry Cough is perfect for those who want to smoke in order to feel more relaxed. If you smoke consistently, it will help you improve your mood, reduce anxiety, and lower stress levels.

Frosted Kush

Short Review

Frosted Kush is among the strongest products that will pleasantly surprise even the most advanced CBD connoisseurs. Just like the THC-containing Frosted Kush, its THC-free CBD version is famous for its beautiful crystal-covered nugs. This Indica strain is perfect for those seeking a hemp cigarette for relaxation, but those who do not want to compromise on the joint’s taste.

Frosted Kush’s terpene profile consists of cupcakes, berries, and gas. In fact, just like the name of the strain suggests, you can expect it to have a strong cake frosting aftertaste. At the same time, despite its sweet flavor, it is not for the weak. Overall, Frosted Kush has 120mg total cannabinoids per joint or 22.4% of the total weight.

Cigarettes are available in a 7-unit pack, so you get a lot of product for a relatively low price.

Pros and Cons of Frosted Kush

Pros of Frosted Kush:
  • Potent CBD cigarettes that have an immediate effect on the smoker
  • Pleasant to smoke due to the nice taste
  • Organic hemp paper and crutches
  • Nicotine- and tobacco-free
  • Lab-tested
Cons of Frosted Kush:
  • Difficult to find in a 2-cigarette pack
  • Hefty in CBD so not recommended for novices


You can purchase Frosted Kush 7-count pack for $45.00.


Frosted Kush is known to work immediately, with the effects of smoking this CBD cig being relaxation, reduced pain, and eradication of inflammations.

Secret Dream

Short Review

Unlike the other buds listed in this top-5 best CBD cigarettes, these pre-rolled joints are made from a Sativa plant. Despite not having THC, they still have all the properties the traditional THC-full Secret Dream has. Upon smoking the cigarette, you will feel the energy-inducing effects of the product.

Secret Dream is great for those who prefer fresh minty flavors to the sweet ones, and want to feel the clarity after having a smoke.

In addition to that, because of the high quality of the product, these are known to burn nicely and evenly. Each Secret Dream hemp cigarette contains a total of 24.1% cannabinoids per joint.

It comes in packs with 2 or 7 sealed joints, each of which is the perfect size for one to enjoy. The pack has a magnetic seal, so if you opt for buying the bigger unit option, you will comfortably open and close the bag.

Pros and Cons of Secret Dream

Pros of Secret Dream:
  • 100% Organic CBD Hemp Flower
  • The sour and minty taste
  • Comes in a premium rigid box with magnetic closure
  • Lab-tested to ensure the highest quality
Cons of Secret Dream:
  • The cigarette is only enough for one, so is not suitable for those who like to share their CBD joints
  • Not that great for relaxation


You can purchase the Secret Dream 7-count pack for $40.00.


Upon smoking Secret Dream, you will feel more concentrated and clear-minded. This is perfect for studying, working and simply doing something active. At the same time, Secret Dream works wonders relieving pain.

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Papaya Nights

Short Review

Papaya Nights are one of the sweetest strains available on the market. A lot of CBD cigarette reviews claim that the taste of this bud is immaculate, and so is the smell of it. The terpene profile of Papaya Nights consists of tropical fruit, earthy, and sweet.

This is a Sativa strain, therefore even without the pre-rolls containing any THC, it is very loud.

The packaging of the cigarettes is great, each joint has an individual glass tube, which makes it very convenient to reuse in the case of you not being able to finish it in one go. However, if you are an experienced smoker, that should not happen. Papaya Nights is a rather light CBD cigarette as it contains roughly about 76mg CBD per joint.

Pros and Cons of Papaya Nights

Pros of Papaya Nights:
  • One of the most flavorful strains on the market
  • Amazing packaging
  • Mild strength, so suitable for both novices and experienced smokers
  • Lab-tested
  • Less expensive than a lot of other CBD cigarettes
Cons of Papaya Nights:
  • Only can be bought in a pack of 2 or 7


You can purchase Papaya Nights 7-count pack for $40.00.


With Papaya Nights, you can feel the effects almost immediately. Despite it being a Sativa strain, it is quite relaxing and is perfect for those who smoke to deal with anxiety. Relaxation comes very quickly, yet you remain clear-minded and calm.

Secret OG

Short Review

Secret OG is the THC-free option for those who are fans (or have simply heard of it) of the legendary OG Kush strain. It has all the amazing properties of the THC strain without getting you intoxicated. In fact, it is almost unbelievable how similar these two are.

Starting from the taste and smell of these hemp cigarettes and ending with the effects, it resembles OG Kush a lot! What you can expect from these pre-rolls is the taste of kush, cream, bubblegum, and diesel.

In addition to that, Secret OG are rather mild hemp cigarettes, it only has 19% of cannabidiol per joint, so it can be enjoyed by all without there being a possibility of going for a dosage too large. Each pre-rolled cigarette is packed in an air-glass tube for preservation and sealed with a magnetic zipper.

Pros and Cons of Secret OG

Pros of Secret OG:
  • Rich in taste
  • Organic, vegan and of the highest quality
  • No tobacco or nicotine
  • Lab-tested
  • Mild potency
Cons of Secret OG:
  • Does not come in an individual glass tube for each joint
  • Can only be purchased in a pack of 2 or 7


You can purchase the Secret OG 7-count pack for $40.00.


Being an Indica strain, Secret OG has a strong relaxing effect on anyone smoking it. It reduces anxiety and stress levels and alleviates the mood.

Where Can You Find CBD Cigarettes for Sale?

With the rapid popularization of the cannabis culture, the number of places that sell CBD cigarettes is growing. However, with CBD cigarettes still being not as highly demanded as hemp oil or tinctures, it is possible that you will struggle to find the strains you want easily.

This, however, is not a problem with the most cannabidiol cigarettes being available online. By simply googling ‘hemp cigarettes near me’, you will find stores that either sell the CBD joints that you are looking for or deliver to your address.

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